Yoga can Be Regarded as the Uterine Health Care Provider for Female

Nowadays, more and more women are suffering from uterine diseases. As an old saying goes, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Meanwhile, apple is to doctor what yoga is to woman. Many fitness instructors suggest the women who have the disease of uterus or might during the menopause to do the daily yoga to protect their uterus, which can bring the good complexion to them.

Almost all the gynaecologists can’t hide the truth that yoga sports protect the women’s uterus by balancing the uterus metabolic. On one side, it helps to increase the blood flow of the uterus and the vaginal tissues; on the other side, it prevents the uterine sterility. For instance, the cat yoga can protect the uterus and the ovaries by improving the function of the uterus and promoting female hormone secretion. Thus, yoga is of great importance to those who wants to stay young and protect the uterus healthy.

Doing yoga can help woman to protect the uterus and maintain the functions of it. However, when it comes to the treatment of the uterine diseases, the female patients might have to pay more attention to. A joyous news for the patients who have uterine diseases is the appearance of the “fuyan pill” from Wuhan Doctor Lee’s TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Clinic.

Uterine disease is one of the most common woman diseases, including endometritis, endometiosis, hypertrophy, metropolypus, uterine fibroid, metrocystosis, metrotosis, endometrial cancer and so on. The diseases of the uterus might caused by abortion, intrauterine operation, uterus infection and etc. Many Patients not only tolerate the drug-resistant caused by chemical drugs, but also the drug residue which damage their bodies. However, a traditional Chinese medicine has been developed, called “fuyan pill”. TCM is a kind of medicine which only contains the pure herbs, which will not have the side-effect and drug-resistance that western medicine brings. The inventor has combined the delicate information from the western medicine and the traditional Chinese medicine therapy, which brings a new treatment for the patients to protect their uterus.

The gynecologists from all over the world insist on one opinion that woman should do regular checking for the uterus. The uterus is such a secret garden for female that women should attach great significance to protect it. With the help of some yoga sports and the healthy traditional Chinese medicine “fuyan pill”, women can get rid of the uterine diseases as fast as possible.

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I work in Wuhan Dr. Lee TCM Clinic, and specialize in female reproductive disease, including endometriosis, tubal diseases, pelvic inflammatory diseases, cervicitis, BV, and infections like mycoplasma, chlamydia, as well as gonorrhea diseases. With the experience in Chinese and Western medicine for many years, I have participated in the research and development of the traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill , which produces a good effect on cuing these diseases.