Stay Away From Drugs

The use of drugs has become very common today and is greatly affecting the environment. Drugs are destroying the lives of many children and youth. Drugs are also taken by athletes in order to enhance their performance but it is illegal to take drugs for performing better. Therefore, it has now become essential to stop the use of drugs. Here we will be discussing about Drug Testing.

Drug Testing can be defined as a testing of biological things like urine, saliva, sweat or hair to see the presence of some specific drugs. It may also be done to find out illegal use of drugs and other substances which are not allowed in athletics or specific occupations. Not only this, as children and youth have also started taking drugs, it is definitely important to perform drug tests as it is destroying their lives. Drug Testing is generally done in four different ways:

1)Urine Test – In this process the person who is been tested has to go inside the bathroom and fill a cup with his/her urine. In order to get the results immediately a test card is used or it is sent to a laboratory for testing by using a gas analyzer.

2)Blood Test – This is not a very common form of drug testing as it is very expensive. It is usually done for employment posts which require such tests or while buying insurance policies.

3)Saliva Test – This is also not very common as it can only detect toxins that are used just three to four days back. This method is generally used by insurance companies and law enforcement bodies.

4)Hair Follicle Test – This method of drug testing is accurate to a great extent and can detect all the toxins taken in a period of time as long as six months. In order to escape this test people shave their head, but the people conducting the test will use underarm, leg, arm or pubic hair if one does not have the half inch hair on his/her head that is required for the test.

Drug testing is generally done for the following five specific drugs:

1-Cocaine which includes cocaine, benzoylecognine, crack

2-Opiates including heroin, morphine, opium, codeine

3-Cannabinoids including hash, marijuana

4-Phencyclidine (PCP)

5-Amphetamines which includes amphetamines, speed, methamphetamines For drug testing a form has to be signed by the person on whom the tests will be conducted. The person has to give his consent for the test. If the tests are done on anyone below 18 years of age then consent must be taken from his/her parents.

Drug Testing is a very controversial issue as some people support it and others are against it. There have been cases where athletes are found under the influence of drugs. They use steroids to enhance their performance. Today, intake of drugs has become very common especially amongst children and youth, which is polluting the environment at schools, workplaces, etc. Therefore, something has to be done to eradicate it and hence drug testing is important so that the future generation can be saved from destruction.