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The aim of this report is to provide a range of information-from detailed analysis through industry trends-to quantify and qualify the rapidly growing market for therapeutic monoclonal antibody (mAb) drugs. Forecasts and trends are gleaned from industry sources, analyst reports, and company forecasts, as well as from assessment of available and emerging technologies.

The report develops forecasts for sales of the mAb market by individual antibody, by therapeutic antibody target (epidermal growth factor receptor [EGFR], cluster of differentiation [CD] 20, tumor necrosis factor [TNF] alpha, etc.), and by major disease applications from 2011 through 2016. Additionally, we examine strategies employed by biopharmaceutical firms to develop and market products in this explosive market sector.

Our main objective is to present a comprehensive analysis of the current market for therapeutic mAb disease-modifying products and to forecast this market’s future direction through 2016.

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This study will be of interest to those working in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries and related life science, drug discovery, and diagnostic test manufacturing companies, as well as all those interested or actively working in drug research.

Both individuals looking for a comprehensive listing of mAbs in human clinical-stage development and individuals looking at how the mAb drug marketplace is expected to change (in terms of sales and technology) in the coming years will find this report extremely useful.

Symptoms of Menopause at 50: Causes and Treatment

Some women are happy knowing the fact that there is no more menstruation during the menopause. Some are upset because they no longer can bear children. But, there are side effects of this natural process that one should meet with decency and armed to fight them back. It concerns certain symptoms of menopause at 50. But, do not think of them as a burden only. Modern medicine allows ladies to prevent some of them or moderate with health supplements and a healthy lifestyle. 

What Are Symptoms of Menopause at 50?

After perimenopause comes the period that has its exclusive signs and symptoms of menopause at 50. For example, they are vaginal dryness, mood changes, weight gain, reduced metabolism. 

But, even though they usually differ in ladies, the symptoms of menopause at 50 are one of the most visible ones in manifestations, and once you notice even the slightest changes, you should immediately address these concerns to a doctor. Note, you cannot protect yourself from their occurrence but can have tools and immune to moderate them. So, what are symptoms of menopause at 50 in detail?

Treatment of Signs and Symptoms of Menopause at 50

Keep in mind, some of the signs and symptoms of menopause at 50 can be mistakenly connected to the natural side effects of this period. Thus, it is crucial to consult a gynecologist to exclude the possibility of other illnesses such as cancer, malignant tumors or, for example, vaginism. A doctor will organize screening, ultrasound and ask you to give a blood sample to check your health on sexually transmitted diseases. 

As of now, the most common signs and their treatment are:

  • Decreased libido. Sex hormones estrogen and progesterone with the climax start fluctuating and decreasing. They affect the whole female desire to have sexual intercourse, and may psychologically influence the mind of a woman. The help of a psychologist is highly encouraged. After, if there are no mental blocks, a gynecologist will prescribe health supplements;

  • Hot flashes. They are very coward. It is sudden and usually short feeling of heat manifesting itself in the neck, face, or chest. Besides, you can feel sweaty. Drink more water and keep it always with you. Wear-free clothes, and drink health supplements that perfectly lower their manifestations;
  • Sleep problems. You may find it hard to fall asleep and wake up. Such difficulties occur when a woman is also exhausted. Try to drink herbal teas with a sedative effect, and air your room prior to sleeping;
  • Irritability. This is one of the most annoying symptoms of climax. It spoils the relationship and brings stress. Spend more time on the air, or drink sedative medications.

Besides, a doctor can prescribe hormone therapy that can be very useful for ladies over 50.

So, what are symptoms of menopause at 50? They differ but hot flashes should alert you the most, especially if they happen for no reason, and never were present before.

Health Care Reform And Its Impact on The Retiree Drug Subsidy Program

For the thousands of plan sponsors that participate in the Retiree Drug Subsidy Program (RDS) there is a real sense of unknown regarding just how much impact health care reform will have on the RDS Program. This Program has been extremely beneficial to organizations since its creation, and although for some plan sponsors health care reform may require a second look at keeping the Program, for many the RDS Program will continue to assist in covering retirees’ prescription drugs.

Retiree Drug Subsidy was and still is an outstanding deal for many plan sponsors. When the Program was introduced in 2005, employers were able to be reimbursed by the federal government up to 28% of the costs for covered retiree drugs by the federal government. The goal of the Program was to encourage employers to keep their retirees on their own drug coverage plans rather than dump them off to the newly established Medicare Part D, which would have totally flooded the program and cause real problems. To sweeten the deal for employers, companies received the 28% subsidy tax free, and also were able to add it to their costs, potentially writing off 100 percent of pharmaceutical costs.

The issue that plan sponsors must now face is the new look of health care. Health care reform will create new challenges to those on the RDS Program when the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) takes full effect in 2014. One of the ways that the government will be paying for some of the new changes under the reform is that organizations on RDS will no longer be able to receive subsidy money tax free. This leaves many employers asking themselves is it really worth keeping their retirees prescription drug plans covered under this health plan? The responsibility of the employer includes large amounts of paperwork and man hours put into the Program which may not be worth it after the reform takes full effect.

Plan sponsors that participate in the RDS Program must be aware of some facts when evaluating the direction they want to go regarding the Program. Municipalities and nonprofits are “tax exempt” organizations; theoretically this means these changes will have no effect on the 28% of reimbursements that they have been receiving. Also there have been large amounts of backlash against the reform since it was signed into law last March. Judges in many states have already ruled parts of it to be unconstitutional, and with the Republican Party taking over the House of Representatives, there is much speculation as to just what is going to happen in the future regarding health care reform. The best thing for RDS Program participants to do is stay informed. This Program has provided aid for the last 6 years and many organizations have already built the potential savings from the program into their projected budgets. It will be hard to say what will or won’t change in the coming months, but for many plan sponsors the RDS Program is still a great long term option for saving money.

Benefit From The Most Effective Methadone Treatment Opiate Addiction Program

Opiate addiction is among the most challenging withdrawals for drug the worsening of opiate drug abuse,the drug addicts starts looking for a change as the addiction takes over a persons’life completely, and poses serious health concerns. Considering the severity of opiate addictions, numerous health care professionals and clinics provides different forms of treatments to deal with this problem,comfortably.

Methadone Maintenance Treatment is a popular form of opiate replacement therapy and is known to be effective in eliminating the use of illicit opiates. Methadone drug is extremely effective in relieving withdrawal symptoms and for this reason, methadone treatment for opiate addiction is widely used b clinics and rehabilitation centers for eliminating addiction to opiate. Basically, methadone treatment proves effective in the opiate addiction as it relieves the painful drug withdrawal symptoms while calming the cravings and keeping the drug addicts from relapsing.

However, sometimes patients might face severe methadone withdrawal symptoms, sometimes up to twice as painstaking than those of morphine or heroin, which may last for numerous weeks and even more. Methadone withdrawal symptoms can become worse, leading to pain and insomnia, following sudden cessation of therapy,i.e methadone treatment for opiate addiction.

This is where, the online programs designed to help drug addicts, come in play. Being one of its kind, the online’at home drug withdrawal’ program is one of its kind and is specially designed to help the drug addicts or their family members get off some of the toughest drugs such as methadone, benzodiazepines, alcohol, crack, cocaine and opiates more comfortably. Their methadone withdrawal treatment is known to effectively help the users or drug abusers of methadone to break the habit, conveniently and without posing the risk of another addiction.

It is extremely important to follow the right steps with browse this site to lower the risks of methadone withdrawal you or your loved one is addicted to opiates, then you can opt for online programs that will guide you step by step in withdrawing from virtually any drug from home safely and comfortably.

Stay Away From Drugs

The use of drugs has become very common today and is greatly affecting the environment. Drugs are destroying the lives of many children and youth. Drugs are also taken by athletes in order to enhance their performance but it is illegal to take drugs for performing better. Therefore, it has now become essential to stop the use of drugs. Here we will be discussing about Drug Testing.

Drug Testing can be defined as a testing of biological things like urine, saliva, sweat or hair to see the presence of some specific drugs. It may also be done to find out illegal use of drugs and other substances which are not allowed in athletics or specific occupations. Not only this, as children and youth have also started taking drugs, it is definitely important to perform drug tests as it is destroying their lives. Drug Testing is generally done in four different ways:

1)Urine Test – In this process the person who is been tested has to go inside the bathroom and fill a cup with his/her urine. In order to get the results immediately a test card is used or it is sent to a laboratory for testing by using a gas analyzer.

2)Blood Test – This is not a very common form of drug testing as it is very expensive. It is usually done for employment posts which require such tests or while buying insurance policies.

3)Saliva Test – This is also not very common as it can only detect toxins that are used just three to four days back. This method is generally used by insurance companies and law enforcement bodies.

4)Hair Follicle Test – This method of drug testing is accurate to a great extent and can detect all the toxins taken in a period of time as long as six months. In order to escape this test people shave their head, but the people conducting the test will use underarm, leg, arm or pubic hair if one does not have the half inch hair on his/her head that is required for the test.

Drug testing is generally done for the following five specific drugs:

1-Cocaine which includes cocaine, benzoylecognine, crack

2-Opiates including heroin, morphine, opium, codeine

3-Cannabinoids including hash, marijuana

4-Phencyclidine (PCP)

5-Amphetamines which includes amphetamines, speed, methamphetamines For drug testing a form has to be signed by the person on whom the tests will be conducted. The person has to give his consent for the test. If the tests are done on anyone below 18 years of age then consent must be taken from his/her parents.

Drug Testing is a very controversial issue as some people support it and others are against it. There have been cases where athletes are found under the influence of drugs. They use steroids to enhance their performance. Today, intake of drugs has become very common especially amongst children and youth, which is polluting the environment at schools, workplaces, etc. Therefore, something has to be done to eradicate it and hence drug testing is important so that the future generation can be saved from destruction.

Axiolabs Research & Development

Axiolabs is constantly engaged in innovative research and development. To this end Brian Wainstein and Axiolabs have made great progress.

In an effort to achieve our goals in ongoing drug discovery, we have fine tuned the R&D process. These processes incorporate new approaches, technologies, and applications to specifically address issues that the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries have faced over recent years.

More recently we have focused our efforts to consider the needs of the Athletic community. Due to strict archaic laws in most countries, athletes are left to purchase substandard or underground pharmaceutical products with no confidence in regards to the quality of these products. Axiolabs products are produced in the strictest GMP conditions thus providing athletes’ peace of mind.

Using quality products that are researched for the needs of athletes, helps them maximize results. This field of research is synonymous with the work we have been doing till now.

GMP Lab Credentials

Axiolabs is proud to announce that we are currently pursuing the registration of some of our products. Given that the laboratory we produce in is a fully compliant GMP facility we have the tools at our disposal to provide you with total peace of mind on all our products. Given these undertakings by Axiolabs, you can be fully confident that the entire Axiolabs range is produced under strict GMP conditions.

Our Testing Protocol

Our products are tested in 3 phases.

We test at our lab: On receipt of the goods and During production.

We are certain before we release the goods of the quality of our products.

After production we send a sample of that batch away for analyses by an independent lab. These are the results we post. Unfortunately there is sometimes a delay in getting these results back but it is important to provide an independent analysis to our customers.

About Us

Axiology, from the Greek axia ( value, worth), is the study of value or quality. Axiology is known to include ethics and aesthetics. We at Axiolabs value these two philosophical fields that depend crucially on notions of value.

Axiolabs is is a product-driven pharmaceutical company with diversified expertise. We develop and market unique Pharmaceutical products and services that improve the quality of life Our product development and manufacturing capability, teamed with our ability to market products in many global markets, makes Axiolabs an attractive business business is preserving and improving human life and not just selling medicine. We believe All our actions must be measured by our success in achieving this goal.

The reason for our rapid success is due to our Clear Vision, Our Fundamental Value System, Committed staff, Professionalism in Business, Unique Product Mix, Innovative and Realistic Marketing Approach.

Creating new customers and retaining existing customers is our strength.

Look Into a New York Rehab Center For a New Beginning

There is nothing worse than being hooked on drugs. Today, numerous men and women enter a New York rehab center to help get treated from their addictions. Whether or not it’s drugs, alcohol, or possibly a combination of both, taking these substances is damaging to one’s wellness and well-being. Sometimes, though, the appeal of drugs is too great that people give in. They wind up in drugs to escape problems at home, at work, or even their relationships. Once you begin feeling like a toy soldier and be taken in by addiction, then it’s time to seek help and get into drug rehab centers NY to get you out of your downward spiral.

Just before getting help at a New York rehab center, there are couple of questions you ought to ask your self. First, what is your attitude towards obtaining treatment? In case you are in denial about your drug use, then obtaining help most likely won’t work. You will just be fooling yourself and also the people who adore you. Second, are you prepared to conquer your addiction by taking the rehab procedure seriously? You will find plenty of people who enter into these programs just to discover themselves kicked out for not focusing on getting better. When you are able to enter drug rehab centers NY, listed here are some of the steps which are a part of the road to healing and sobriety.

The very first action is detoxification, where the abuser starts to slowly break free from the shackles of drug use. Throughout this time period, an addict’s body will likely be coming down from the damaging effects of drugs and may possibly need health-related attention. This really is since the body’s system will probably be dealing with the lack of drugs in different ways.

After detoxification, the subsequent action is analysis and therapy. Numerous addicts suffer from mental issues on top of their addictions. Your doctor will have to understand the causes that led to your hard to kick habits and will have to treat you for such. These ailments will have to be taken care of whilst you are undergoing treatment as they are very much interrelated. Whenever you undergo therapy, you’ll be in a position to find out the fundamental cause of the drug addiction.

You will also discover a 12-step program at a New York rehab center. These are pretty much standard and had been developed by the Alcoholics Anonymous Association (AAA). Whenever you go through the 12 steps, you’ll be in a position to learn how you can heal yourself and then heal the damaged relationships you’ve got with all the people around you.

Medication and family members therapy are the final steps inside the process of recovery. Getting prescribed medication will help you push away your drug cravings, but your doctor should make sure that you do not get hooked all over once more. The dosage of this needs to be managed and monitored cautiously. Your loved ones may also have to go through some therapy sessions to help them understand the problems which are borne from an addiction.

Symptoms and Signs of Teen Drug Abuse

Teenagers are highly touchy to drug abuse. Unaware of the risks associated, teens initiate and continue drug abusing habits risking their valuable lives. Parents should keep an eye on their children and look for the symptoms and signs of drug abuse to save them from this harmful habit.

Following are warning signs and symptoms that indicate teen drug abuse:

Physical and health issues:

Intake of drugs by teens, mostly affects the brain. The brain is still in a developing stage till the age of 25 years. Therefore, when teens use harmful drugs like nicotine, cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy or any other illicit substances, they quickly get addicted to it when compared to adults.

Other physical and health issues that are associated with drug abuse are:

Changes in appetite:

Teenagers addicted or prone to drug abuse, either eat more or less than they need. You can notice change in their eating habits. You will also notice that either the teen has gained or lost weight. Some other drastic changes that may indicate drug abuse in teens are, change in sleep pattern and hobbies, angry outbursts and clothing style.

Depression, anxiety or moodiness:

Many teens use drugs to feel the high. But they are unaware that using drugs will deal with problems such as anxiety, depression and mood swings. Sudden behavioral changes in teens could be a sign of hormonal changes or it could be due to drug abuse. Pay attention to such sudden and drastic changes in teens, as it could be an indication that they are in trouble and need help from their loved ones.

Neglecting physical appearance:

Normally teens are very conscious and concerned about their physical appearance, grooming, clothing and personal hygiene. Teens who abuse drugs often focus less on their physical appearance. They don’t want to maintain even their personal hygiene and cleanliness. They don’t care about the way they look.

Change in friends:

Teenagers addicted to drugs drop regular old friends. They join new groups of friends. The change in friends and new hangouts, and getting very secretive about the new friends, is a clear indication that the teen is with a wrong group of friends, who will encourage the teen to experience drugs.

Unexplained need for money:

Illicit drugs are expensive. Teens consuming illicit drugs may ask for money quite often, without giving any specific reason. Their unexplained need for money, if not fulfilled, may lead to loss of money from their parents’ wallet, valuables missing from home or borrowing money from friends and relatives. Parents should keep a close watch on their teens, when it comes to money matters.

To detect/confirm drug abuse, use reliable drug test kits:

On discovering your teen abusing illicit drugs, you can prevent situation from worsening, by detecting/confirming drug abuse in the privacy of your home, by using reliable, accurate, fast and FDA-approved drug test kits.

Stay Healthy to Look And Feel Younger

Who on the earth does not want to look and feel young? Many people use artificial anti-aging products to look young. But they are all temporary. Though these products may make you look young, they definitely will not be able to make you feel young. If beauty products available in the market do not help, then what will make you look and feel healthy? Here is the answer – stay healthy.

Young mind and body are the result of healthy lifestyle. A healthy mind and body are always active, and are not influenced by age. Healthy body leads to fresh thoughts making the person feel younger. Healthy mind and body project a fresh and livelier look, no matter what your age is. Here are few tips which make it possible for you to look and feel younger for life time.

Drink enough water Water is the basic essential to human body. The cells in the body live only if they have water. It also cleans away all the toxic and wastes from the body, making it pure and problem free. Water helps in transporting the nutrients throughout the body. Due to all the above activities, all the body cells remain alive and perform better, thus making the skin look younger and body feel lighter. Dead cells make the body look dull. Hence, it should be seen that the body is never deprived of the water. One should drink at least 6-8 glasses of water each day.

Exercise daily One should exercise daily in order to maintain a fit body. A body which is physically active is always young and lighter. It is projected out both physically and mentally. Exercise also makes the body prepared to deal with any kind of pressures, as it improves the psychological wellbeing. It enhances the mood, making a person look happier and attractive. It also helps to maintain the body in a good shape.

Quit smoking Kicking out bad habits is as essential as embracing healthy habits. Smoking is one of the most commonly seen bad habits. Smoking impairs the functioning of all body organs and kills the cells in the body. It makes the person inactive and dull. Smokers look much older compared to their age. Smoking is one of the main factors that cause wrinkles on the face. Hence, smoking is a disastrous habit and should be avoided in order to look young and healthy.

Quit alcohol or drug abuse The other major important step in making yourself healthy is to quit alcohol or drug abuse. This habit results in all the negative effects and possible illnesses in the body. They destruct both mind and the body, thereby destroying the life on a whole. If one needs to be healthy, these addictions have to be seriously prevented. Alcohol and drug abusers become physically weak. Drug or alcohol abusers do not focus on personal grooming as their main focus will be only to abuse drugs.

Maintain proper diet A healthy body needs proper diet. It is very important to have a correct and balanced diet. That means your routine diet should have all the necessary nutrients in adequate quantities. Your daily diet should include fibers, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and fats. A balanced and healthy diet is a combination of vegetables, fruits, cereals, beans, dairy products, meat, fish etc.

All the above mentioned tips, when followed sincerely, lead to a healthy body. Healthy body is what is needed for one to feel younger and thereby look younger. Unlike, the artificial anti-aging process, maintaining the body fit is the best way to remain younger forever.

Curb Drug Abuse With Drug Test For Nicotine

There are thousands of people who have become addicted to various. Drug abuse has become a major area of concern, for not only relatives of the abusers, but also for our society and government. People who are drug abusers will go to any length in order to buy, and in the process they neglect the welfare and health of their children and family. Another big danger is that children are put at risk when illicit drugs, like methamphetamine, are produced in their homes by parents. Inhaling fumes and gases from the hazardous chemicals used in making these drugs can cause major health problems for these children.

There has to be a way to halt the abuse of, and prevention is always better than a cure. This adage holds strong in fighting drug abuse too. Public education campaigns and stricter laws regarding the purchase and use of legal substances are some measures that have been adopted by states in the US to combat this social evil. Many States have created coalitions of community and business leaders to address the growing problem of substance abuse. To overcome this serious problem, these groups run community-based programs that provide mentoring, tutoring, alternative activities, and life skills development for youth in drug-impacted neighborhoods. The cost to society due to drug addiction is colossal, because the likelihood of employment-related accidents is very high when employees begin abusing drugs. Moreover, employees who are drug abusers tend to pilfer materials, cash, and products in order to buy drugs. The cost on society rises further when you take into consideration that there is less cooperation, low productivity, absenteeism, by using employees, while employers have to give higher insurance and medical payouts. Schools, colleges, companies and other organizations are opting for bought online, six panel tests, and for nicotine to find the abusers. can help prevent further use of drugs by the abusers. will enable you to find the drug abuser and take immediate steps so that the abuser does not become addicted again. If you want to opt for online drug test, six panel drug test, or for nicotine for your employees, students, or anyone you are responsible for, you can log on to a trusted online store. There you can find a wide range of kits, Panel Test,

Adulterant Test, Cheap Test, Hair Drug Test, Pregnancy Tests, Home, and more at competitive prices. With these tests, you can curb drug abuse and enhance discipline, concentration, and efficiency.